Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rad - Sadist/Masochist 7"

I fucking love this single. Bought it at one of the most memorable shows I attended in 2009.

*here's the fyer

All is Fleeting was selling them for mad cheap at the show because since Rad wasn't a band anymore by that time, and they shared some members.

This is a 2 song 7" that is hard not to turn back over as soon as each song ends. Not much else to say about it. I don't get why they broke up, they do the modern Youth of Today sound so damn good. Bummed I never got to see them, although I had the chance once but I showed up to that show late. Fuck.


Rad - Sadist/Masochist (black) /500

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mother of Mercy - Passing Through the Fire 7"

Some guy on B9 had a long list of lots of shit I had been wanting for a while, records and merch. I didn't have too much to offer, so I picked out 2 things, this & a Shipwreck windbreaker. Surprised me when he accepted the offer.

This isn't even a plain version of the 3-song 7". It's the Sound & Fury 2008 cover. I did not attend the fest in '08. I didn't even know of Mother of Mercy at the time. This is from when MoM was just the side-project of that douche bag from letXdown straight fucking edge. Lol.


Mother of Mercy - Passing Through The Fire (black /500) (Sound & Fury 2008 Cover 21/75)

Iron Age - Constant Struggle 12"

In early 2009, as I awaited the band announcements for Sound & Fury, the band I most hoped would be on the line-up was Iron Age. I was rewarded to find out that they were indeed on the line-up.

They had this re-issue for sale at the fest, and I could not pass up owning one of the best records of the last decade.

Too bad the hole in the middle is too fucking small to go in the shit on my record player... =/


Iron Age - Constant Struggle (clear) /300

Pressvre - Beasts 7"

Picked this up with their split 12" with COA together for a discounted price the first time I saw them, which was at some show at Chain Reaction.

If I'm remembering correctly, this was the same show I saw Alpha & Omega for the first time. I was there mainly because it was Rotting Out's record release show for This Is Just A Life. It was the first show I went to that year, early January 2009. While I got there as early as doors opened to make sure I got the record release version, I had definitely arrived earlier than the 7"s, as all the merch except for the record was out. I hung out away from the merch area for a while, but I should've noticed someone bringing in the box of them. I never saw shit, so before they went on which was later in the night, I asked and they said they sold out of them. Apparently they had come a little while after doors opened, and I missed them. Both different versions. Fuck

So since I had extra money since there were no more RO 7"s to buy, I bought this. Pressvre was pretty good, and I enjoyed them the two or three other times I saw them, but I still haven't been particularly fond of this or the split 12". Hmm.


Pressvre - Beasts (red/black split) /900

Downpresser - Age of Ignorance 7"

When the pre-order for Downpresser's Age of Ignorance 7" went up, I immediately bought all three colors. This is the green version, the second most rare color, out of 300. This is my favorite color of the three.


Downpresser - Age of Ignorance (Green Colorlight) /300

Sabertooth Zombie - Dent Face 7"

This is the first Sabertooth Zombie release that grabbed my attention. I don't think anyone could get through the first song and not want to continue listening. Shit is so hard without even trying to be.

I found this crucial seven inches of greatness at one of my visits to Amoeba Hollywood. It was the first record I ever bought that had no labels. It confused me at first. Now, I associate label-less records with STZ. This is because a bunch of their records have no labels on them. Go figure!

After I bought the record I finally realized, being able to look at the cover up close, who the person on the front is. It is Chris Crocker, infamous for making this classic video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHmvkRoEowc How they chose to include this joke in their artwork, I have no idea. The art associated with STZ and their members is always way out of the fucking box and I suppose it's just another one of many appeals the band has.


Sabertooth Zombie - Dent Face (pink) /250

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Wonder Years / All Or Nothing - Distances 7"

From the release of their first full-length, up until The Upsides came out and every little mosh metalcore pussy pop mixed with pop-punk kid started hanging from their nuts, I was a proud fan of The Wonder Years. When I first heard this split, The Wonder Years songs sounded bland and seemed to almost bore me to death. And then I heard the All or Nothing side. What I heard when I listened to their side was a nice combination of influence-elements. The huge hardcore reminiscent guitar riff at the very start, the melodic dual vocals similar in style to the likes of Latterman or Tell All Your Friends-era Taking Back Sunday. It all fits and is a strong set of songs likely to keep you stoked on the genre. Only bummer is while the digital version comes with three All or Nothing songs, the 3rd is omitted from the vinyl. Not enough space on the wax I guess. Unfortunate, considering I like track 3 of the AoN songs more than track 2.

The Wonder Years songs from the 7" would eventually grow on me, and become my two favorite songs from their entire catalog. This is a staple in today's group of recent pop-punk records.

I pre-ordered the most limited color version of the 7", which I believe was clear with red spatter or something like that, out of something like 200. I instead received the blue version, out of 400. I was going to bitch and try to get them to swap me the color I actually ordered, but by the time the label had the records sent out, the pressing was sold out. At least I got to snag a copy at all! And the blue color would turn out rewarding, going with the tradition of being one of my favorite recent pop-punk albums, and being blue.


The Wonder Years / All or Nothing - Distances (clear blue) /400